Breyer Mini Whinnies Horse Surprise!

Mackworth is almost as excited as I am!

Those who have read A Place for Sofia will know that Sofia, Olivia, and Ryan join a miniature horse club called the Mini Whinnies.  In fact, my book series is called “The Mini Whinnies”.

On page 33, Sofia enters Olivia’s bedroom for the first time. This is what Sofia observes:

Olivia wasn’t kidding when she said she loved horses. Sofia couldn’t believe that anyone could own this many model horses. Floor to ceiling shelves covered an entire wall of her bedroom. Mares, foals, stallions, famous race horses, show horses, draft horses, horses of every breed and color – each shelf must have contained twenty of them. 
     “Seventy-four. I’ve been collecting them since I was five,” Olivia said. “Most of them are Breyer horses.”

A Place for Sofia, Chapter 6

I’ve been asked if any of my characters are based on a real people. The answer is “not really”. However, the scene in Olivia’s bedroom was inspired by the awe I experienced the first time I visited a girl in my neighborhood. She had a collection of Breyer horses rivaling, and perhaps even exceeding Olivia’s. I confess that I was a bit jealous, though not as jealous as I was that she owned a real, live Morgan mare. (A few years later I bought my first horse, a Morgan gelding named High Note.)

Fast forward many, many years to this afternoon, when Dusty’s owner gave me a surprise. Mini Whinnies Horse Surprise! I didn’t know there was such a thing. (Breyer, I really didn’t mean to steal your trademarked name, I promise!)

Mackworth helped me open the surprise…
…then he tried to eat it.

It was fun to open them and see what was inside. I don’t think they’ll join my collection, though, since they don’t really stand upright. Maybe I can find a way to turn them into Christmas ornaments. That is, if we’re able to put up a tree without Mackworth and his sister, Lily, destroying it.

Breyer Mini Whinnies

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