Rediscovering Childhood Art Treasures

A young unicorn, outlined in glue, created sometime in middle school.

I’ve always loved drawing and painting horses. The margins of my high school, college, and even seminary school notebooks are filled with doodles of horses and unicorns, and the occasional dog, cat, or dragon.

When my parents moved to a new house a few years ago, I was given several boxes and bags of childhood and teenage memorabilia. One box contained silly, and at times rather scandalous notes I’d passed during school. I went through several boxes, lost interest, and stored the rest in my basement to sort through at some unspecified time in the future.

Two years (or so) later…

I unearthed some childhood treasures! These boxes contained artwork and creative writing, some dating back to early childhood.

Appaloosa cow horse?

According to the date my mother placed at the top of the paper, I drew this when I was seven years old. Apparently, I had a hard time with the person. It looks like I got frustrated and tried to scribble him out. Or maybe he’s wearing a poncho. I’ve always been much more capable of drawing horses than people!

By age 13, I my depiction of horses had grown more sophisticated, but my riders… not so much! This is a drawing of Pleasant Colony, who won the Kentucky Derby in 1981.

This is probably not my best work, but I thought it was interesting, as it is one of the few paintings in the collection. The rider’s stirrups don’t appear to be connected to the saddle, but thankfully she doesn’t look to be in any danger.

Acrylic painting, around age 15 or 16.
“God forbid that I should go to a Heaven in which there are not horses.”

This is one of my favorites. It was published in the community newspaper during the fall of my senior year. The mare looks suspiciously similar to the horse on the cover of my copy of The Black Stallion, but hey, artists need to get their inspiration from somewhere.

I love encouraging young artists, and would be thrilled to publish horse-themed artwork on my website. Please share them with me.

Happy New Year!

Kit Kat, acrylic on paper, 2019

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